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The Electric Hair Removal Wax-melt Machine

The Electric Hair Removal Wax-melt Machine

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Electric hair removal wax-melt machine is a kind of new wax-melt machine! It has high-quality ABS plastic as the thermal insulation cover, which could provide good heat insulation and make the humanized design. The bottom of the pot is heated by 360, and the heating can to 100, the inner aluminum pot is non-stick design, and the external anti-scalding handle prevents scalding. 

Electric Hair Removal Wax-melt Machine Products Information:

  • Features: Especially suitable for 50g/100g of wax bean
  • Plug; US/EU plug
  • Power:80W
  • Heating time:15-20 minutes
  • Package includes:machine+100g of wax bean+10 pcs wood stickers/
  • machine+200g of wax bean+10 pcs wood stickers/Only one machine
  • Strong package:box+  Bubble column
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