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Facial Steamer Face Steamer Nano Ionic

Facial Steamer Face Steamer Nano Ionic

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Product name:  Ionic Facial Steamer

Size: 23*9*14 cm

Net weight: Around 590g

Power supply: AC220 V 

50Hz Power consumption: 280W

Steam temperature: Around 40°(About 20 cm from the nozzle tip)

Amount of steam generated: Around 8 mL/min

Steam generation time: Around 20 mins (When the tank is full)

Steam generation wait time: Around 30 seconds

Water tank capacity: Around 120 ml


Renews younger skin: Solve all kinds of skin problems: dry skin, allergy,rough pores, excess grease, acne, pigmentation, aging wrinkles. --- Nano-Hydration:: Create a smoother,moister skin.12X penetrates nutrients deep into the skin and is easy to absorb.


Ours: Strong nano steam 12X penetrated Safe and comfortable Dustproof Small body & large capacity(120ml) --- Others: Weak water vapor Can’t penetrated in skin Strong plastic smell Dust accumulation Large body & small capacity (70ml)

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