Photo Shooting in Sedona

Hello beautiful people,

After a year of break during pandemic and focusing on my design agency instead of my deepest passion Miss Posh clothing, my dream come true.. I got the American Visa and I am here 3 weeks in and visited some amazing places! While the journey just begins, I am so happy that I can combine work with pleasure and my hobbies, modeling and photography.

 I just closed my 8 years blog and decided that this will be my main blog to keep in touch and keep you posted with my adventures.

I am in Pheonix, Arizona a place with so many beautiful landscape and amazing places, therefore I choose to be the model because who else can represent your business better than yourself? Who can tell your story better than you?


 Behind the scenes

Has been so much fun to hike and find beautiful places, while my boyfriend Samir is my biggest fan yet :) He is so supportive, my mentor, my photographer, my advertiser, my everything! 

I am who I am today because of him! He helped me achieve anything I set my mind to! He helps me tell the story, be the real me and to follow my values, lifts me up when I feel that I don't have the power to continue anymore and give me strength and encouragement.

I've been modeling since I was 14, but I always altered and photoshopped my pictures for magazines, social media and ads, so people will not judge and give unsolicited hurtful opinions. Now, after 30's and a lot of love, confidence, my self esteem and acceptance made my realise that I am enough, I am beautiful and there is no competition with anything and anybody and I want my girlfriends and my customers to feel the same!

Let's inspire each other in becoming better every day, let's lift each other and focus instead on spending time on this AMAZING EARTH wisely!

The only way to be unique is the way we dress and show up in the world wearing a smile, spreading happiness and create nice memories! Is not about how you dress is how you wear it!


This dress brightness my day because I feel free and happy, and I have received so many compliments everywhere I was, and this gave me the courage to relaunch Miss Posh, afirm me that I am on the best track in my life, and give me purpose find best quality products and sustainable materials and start designing the next collection.

I had so much fun and I love that I can dress, get inspired and creative while I show you my full experience behind the scenes.

Thank you everybody for the support, understanding the hard work behind a brand and let's create a better world where kindness is our proudly emblem that we wear daily!



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